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Virtual workshop hosted by the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance for Victim Rights Month.

This workshop provided key concepts and best practices on engaging communities in policy change and leveraging the lived experience of victims/survivors. Sophie Hansen and Caitlin LeMay shared examples and made connections of how policy advocacy is necessary for supporting survivors. The facilitators gave examples of centering the voices of survivors in the policymaking process without exploiting their time and story. Considerations were shared around cultural competency in engaging survivor communities in policymaking.

Mumkin CEO, Priya Goswami, spoke to Caitlin LeMay, the Director of The US End FGM/C Network, about the trauma associated with gender-based violence, specifically about survivors of female genital cutting/mutilation.

Virtual workshop hosted by the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance for Victim Rights Month.

This workshop presented by Caitlin LeMay from Leading Upstream Consulting provided information about how to approach sexual violence prevention through practice, policy, and culture change. Using a combination of lecture, activities, and discussions, participants learned about the root causes of sexual violence and how to address prevention programming from a systems change approach. Participants will walk away with the critical thinking skills to evaluate the potential effectiveness of sexual violence prevention strategies.

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation webinar with WAVE Foundation and #StopTheCut.

This event was moderated by Rasheed Yusuf, a Nigerian public health professional. Panelists included Rachel, an SS3 student from Osogbo, Nigeria; Ayman, an SS1 student from Abuja, Nigeria; Queen, an FGM survivor and activist; Aremo Gemini, a Yoruba spoken word artist; and Caitlin LeMay, Director of The US End FGM/C Network


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